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Grace Song


Grace Song, referred to as ‘Ambassadress for Extra Virgin Olive Oil’, in local newspaper back in her hometown in the US is also a practicing counselor, presently serving as a director of Amaris Salon (www.amarissalon.org), whose mission is to offer a place of respite for people living in fast-paced and fragmented world to partake in journeys toward genuine human flourishing in honest and respectful conversation with others in Florence, Italy.

Grace Song brings a wealth of educational, work and life experiences to the Journey of the Six Senses. Originally from South Korea, Grace lived most of her life in the US. Grace completed a BS Degree in Chemistry and Masters Degrees in both Theology and Mental Health Counseling, and has worked in the airline industry and served as a translator and international coordinator for a large Korean non-profit organization.​​

As a counselor, Grace practices a “relational style” of counseling that focuses on each person’s unique gifts and strengths to encourage and support clients
on their passage toward healing and wholeness. She believes the journey toward healing and wholeness entails discovering one’s true self by facing one’s deepest pains, fears, and hopes in the midst of the challenges and complexities of one’s life.

Grace is passionate about the theme of beauty and rest. Her Masters in Religion integrative paper at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary was on “C. S. Lewis on Beauty”. She believes beauty is both an important agent and a goal of redemption and healing and an essential part of experiencing God’s rest, entering into and enjoying the joy, peace, delight, and contentment in the beauty and goodness of God’s creative and life giving work.

Learn More About Grace in the Feature Article in the:


March 14, 2016

By Anne W. Semmes
Sentinel Correspondent

The integrity of extra-virgin olive oil—the cook’s delight—is on trial these days. The news from Italy is there’s rampant adulteration of this prized product by forces wanting to cash in on last year’s dismal harvest in Italy by mixing Italian extra-virgin with lower quality olive oils from North Africa and around the Mediterranean. The result is that main-line label bottle you’re used to buying may not contain the real thing.

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