The Journey begins with the welcoming dinner followed by three days of excursions through the beautiful Italian countryside, tasting its delectable olive oil and wine, along with other local delicacies. The Journey also includes a half day of silence and conversations on various topics for embracing more holistic Christianity…

Journey into the World of Wine

Enjoy vineyard and wine tasting and explore together the question “Wine for Christian Spirituality? —  Restoring Wine to its Proper Place in Christian Spirituality”  

Journey into the World of Olive Oil

Enjoy a tour of an olive grove and explore the culture of olive oil, its health benefits, the concept of quality for olive oil, production and procurement processes, how to buy olive oil, and, lastly, the practice and methodology of olive oil tasting.

Journey into Food & Faith

  • Experience hands on Italian cooking
  • Explore food as a tangible symbol of God’s love and gift to humanity  and as an indespensable part of the Lord’ Supper, a meal Jesus instituted as the regular occasion to remember Him, celebrate the new life in Him, and to look forward to the fulfillment of His Kingdom.

Journey into Silence

Experience a journey into a half-day of silence — strolling through beautiful and rustic Italian country path and olive grove or reflecting and journaling sitting front of serene scenery. Journey into silence will be followed by an evening of conversation sharing our experiences over a glass of wine and nibbles…

“Solitude well practiced will break the power of busyness, haste, isolation, and loneliness. You will see that the world is not on your shoulders after all. Your will find yourself, and God will find you in new ways. Silence also brings Sabbath to you. It completes solitude, for without it you cannot be alone. Far from being a mere absence, silence allows the reality of God to stand in the midst of your life. God does not ordinarily compete for our attention. In silence we come to attend. Lastly, fasting is done that we many consciously experience the direct sustenance of God to our body and our whole person” (Dallas Willard)

Promoting Health, Cherishing Life & Celebrating Love


Journey of the Six Senses Itinerary

Day 1:

    • Welcoming Aperitivo with Around the Table Conversation on “the Sabbath Experience: Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, and Feasting”
  • Dinner

Day 2:

    • Breakfast
    • Excursion with lunch
    • Walk through vineyard with wine tasting
    • Around an Aperitivo Conversation on “Wine & Christian Spirituality”
  • Dinner

Day 3:

    • Breakfast
    • Walk through Olive Grove with olive oil tasting, followed by light lunch
    • Half Day of Silence
    • Around the Aperitivo conversation, processing the experience of silence
  • Dinner

Day 4:

    • Breakfast
    • Cooking Class followed by lunch
    • Enjoy a free afternoon for exploring nearby towns or activities of your choice
    • Around the Aperitivo conversation on “Play, Food & Faith”
  • Dinner: A special dinner that commences with celebrating Eucharist as it was done in the early church.

Day 5:

    • Breakfast
  • Check-out

Journey Length:

4 Nights and 5 Days


The Journey will take place in a charming Tuscan village, perched on a hill from which you can see the profiles of beautiful surrounding medieval cities., where you can journey through time and memory, in search of lost time.


Guests will be staying in rooms that have been created transforming and restoring old Tuscan farm houses. Modern comfort in a unique atmosphere that can only come from original elements that time has miraculously preserved and that have been enhanced for those who want to rediscover the whole atmosphere of lost time intact and suggestive. Absolute tranquility, a full immersion in the Tuscan countryside, recovered in all its values. Guests will be able to fully immerse themselves in the traditional atmosphere of the countryside, to fully experience the rhythms of the ancient rural life, finding again in the calm and silence the best antidote to the stress of modern life. A rural life revived in the luxury and pleasure of all comforts, among the scents of flowers and field herbs.

Price: $

Th cost includes four nights in a double accommodation in a lovely Tuscan villa, all seminars and excursion fees, and breakfast, lunch and dinner (including wine). Single occupancy is available on request at an additional cost. Airfare not included. A non-refundable deposit of $         is required 8 weeks prior to the date of the Journey.

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